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Splinter Software
PO Box 1282
Grove City OH, 43123Shareware Notice
This is a fully functional version of the program. No features have been disabled, it won't stop playing in 10 days and it won't just let you play once a day. You will however have a little “please register me” screen pop up on you from time to time. The purpose of this is to remind you that this program is not free, not to annoy you. If you feel the notice comes up too often and this genuinely bothers you, please let us know and we’ll send you a different version of the program where the shareware notice comes up less frequently.Overview
Agean is a 1 player sea battle game of luck and skill that can be very addictive. You strategically place your ships on a board, as does the computer opponent. Your objectiveis to sink all of the computers ships before it sinks yours. System requirements:
* System 7.xx
* 2 MB of RAM
* Color monitor

Setup Instructions and Menu explanations:
Positioning ships
Single click on the ship you want to position.
Select the position of the ship by single clicking somewhere on the board.
Using Horizontal/Vertical Button
This button allows you to change the orientation of ships. You can only change the ships orientation before it is on the playing board. Ships may be moved back to the Shipyard if a change in orientation is required.

Using Auto Button
During Setup this button generates a random placement of all ships. If random placement is not acceptable, then you may reposition ship(s) manually or hit the Auto button again for a new random placement.
During the game this button generates random firing of your remaining shots. This is especially useful for fast play.

Select Shots per round, Game level, Sound options and Graphics speed you wish to use for the game.

Note: Prefs for Shots per round and Game level can only be changed while in game setup.
This menu option allows you to control both the speed the computer shoots at you and the speed you shoot at the computer (if you use the auto fire button). The speed defaults have been optimized on a Performa 575 using 256 colors. Using a different color setting may make this menu option less effective. If you find the game is making squelching sounds... slow the speed down.
Most of the help included in this document is available on-line under the ‘Setup help’ option.
Program registration
If you decide to purchase the program please either print out the attached ‘Registration Form’ or alternatively you may use the Registration program to print out the form. Fill out the form (Be sure to include payment) and send to:
Splinter Software
PO Box 1282
Grove City OH, 43123
Make Checks Payable to : Randy Jarrell.
Upon receipt we will send you a registration code which you can enter into the Registration program. This code will remove shareware notices that interrupt play.
If you object to being sent a registration code for any reason we can alternatively send you a preference file for the game that will remove the shareware notices instead.
More Information
If you would like to be notified of version updates and new products from Splinter Software please drop us a note at
Legal Notice
This program is shareware, if used for more than 15 days please register the product. Unless explicitly stated in writing, Agean may not be distributed for profit in any form, including but not limited to, electronic information service distribution, bulletin board distribution, and magnetic or optical medium distribution. Non profit distribution of the software is acceptable without prior written notice, provided that the software is not modified in any way and that the complete works of the software are included in the distribution package. Agean is distributed without any warranty neither expressed nor implied.